ICMP Mission

The focus of the Inland Counties Mathematics Project is to increase teacher mathematical and pedagogical content knowledge, while developing capacity by increasing teacher leadership.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Lead teachers to a deeper understanding of mathematics,
  • Increase teacher pedagogical knowledge,
  • Develop a passion for mathematics that is exemplified in teacher practice
  • Make mathematics relevant to teachers and thus their students. ICMP focuses on students with diverse backgrounds, and recognizes that besides meeting teachers' content and credentialing needs, we will meet the needs of teaching diverse learners (economic, language, or ethnic).

The Inland Counties Mathematics Project is a site of the California Mathematics Project.

The institutes provided by the Inland Counties Mathematics Project are designed to help educators increase their content knowledge and methods of teaching. ICMP offers quarterly institutes for the CSET I and CSET II in mathematics to help educators prepare for the test. Algebra and Geometry institutes are provided in the summer for educators to expand their knowledge in that subject area as well as learn alternate methods for teaching concepts to students. The Algebra and Geometry institutes focus on providing teachers with methods for teaching conceptually in their classrooms and how to differentiate among students or classes.

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